About AardvarkA Research

AardvarkA Research was founded by Paul Jackson, an industry and industry analyst veteran with 20 years of experience in consulting, consumer technology, and analysis. The firm offers independent analysis of the consumer technology and media space with a forward-looking focus on both consumer behavior and industry strategy.

About Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson founded AardvarkA Research in January 2012 to bring truly independent research and analysis to the consumer technology and media market. His unique perspective comes from a recent spell acting as a Senior Marketing Insight Manager for Microsoft UK — dealing with analyst firms and procuring research for the business — along with his decade of experience as an analyst for Forrester Research. At Forrester, he created and subsequently led a number of key research areas, including innovation theory, videogaming, virtual worlds, PCs, augmented reality, and mobile technology.

Prior to this, Paul worked as a ‘digital guru’ for a full service advertising agency and worked in strategic management consultancy for firms like Deloitte Consulting and Logica.

Paul has been widely quoted in global business publications (Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist), was a judge for the EIU Innovation awards. and is an experienced speaker on his areas of expertise: innovation, consumer product development and messaging, and consumer technologies.


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